¡Ahorra un 10%! Descuento aplicado en todas las reservas realizadas a través de nuestra web, teléfono o correo.

1- We will charge a supplement of 5 euros per night per animal without prejudice to any damage that may be caused.

2- The owners will be financially responsible for what their pets can stain, such as cleaning duvets, bedspreads, sheets, towels, broken furniture, etc...

A deposit of 20.00€ per pet will be charged, which will be returned if it is appreciated that none of the rules set out here have been breached.
The management reserves the right to expel clients and their pets without reimbursement if, after being warned in advance, they do not take immediate action and drop their attitude.3- It is strictly forbidden for pets to get on the beds.

3- It is strictly prohibited for pets to get on the beds.

4- The owners are responsible that their pets get out enough so that they do not urinate or defecate in the room, this will mean an extra cleaning and a supplement of 20 euros if it has to be done by the cleaning staff and as long as it does not stain bedding , where the damages and their cost will be valued.

5- Pets that are left alone should never be a nuisance to other clients, in the event that they are going to leave them they should leave a contact telephone number in case they bother. In the event that this is a nuisance and immediate measures are not taken, the client must leave the Hostel without the right to reimbursement.

Carteristas (Pick Pockets)

¡Atención! Queremos informarte sobre la presencia de carteristas en la zona. Por tu seguridad y tranquilidad, te pedimos que prestes atención a las siguientes precauciones:

Es importante ser consciente de estos riesgos y tomar medidas para proteger tus pertenencias en todo momento.

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