¡Ahorra un 10%! Descuento aplicado en todas las reservas realizadas a través de nuestra web, teléfono o correo.

The day of departure, the rooms must be free before 12.00 am

1- DO NOT MAKE NOISES that may disturb other customers, especially after 12.00 pm. Any repeated nuisance, voluntary disturbance that causes annoyance or prejudice to other clients, lack of respect for staff, and access to areas not authorized for clients will result in notification to the Police and immediate expulsion from our facilities without the right to any refund.

2- THE ROOM CLEANING SERVICE will be done only until 13.30.

3- WATER: In our commitment to saving water and protecting nature, we ask you to leave only the dirty towels in the shower to be changed if they need it. Normally they are changed every two days. if you need any other product, such as shampoo, soap, etc... ask the staff or call the phone you have at the reception.

4- IF YOU NEED HELP TO CALL A TAXI, please contact us no later than 10.00pm the previous day of departure. For UBER or CABIFY download the APP with our wifi and follow the instructions.

5- RESPONSIBLE STAFF WILL BE AVAILABLE from 9.30 am to 10 pm or on the phone at the reception.

6- luggage: We are sorry, but we must to inform you that this hostel doesn´t have bell boy service to raise and lower luggage.

We don`t have luggage lock neither.

7- Unregistered Persons: For security purposes, people who are not registered are not allowed in the rooms, if any person is detected without registration they will be charged as a double room or as an extra bed.

8- Pets: Pets cannot remain alone unless there is certainty on the part of their owners that they do not cause inconvenience to other customers, the owner should do so should leave a contact phone if necessary. check the rules for pets.

Carteristas (Pick Pockets)

¡Atención! Queremos informarte sobre la presencia de carteristas en la zona. Por tu seguridad y tranquilidad, te pedimos que prestes atención a las siguientes precauciones:

Es importante ser consciente de estos riesgos y tomar medidas para proteger tus pertenencias en todo momento.

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